Simplest Form

I though I’d start with some simple forms, comparisons and questions but I had more difficulty than I thought in even choosing and deciding. When doing a experiment (scientifically) you normally keep everything constant and have only one variable, I found this hard to relate to visual experiments but I had to start simple so –

Is a square of circle more beautiful? | Is a line or curve more beautiful?

Which rectangle/ellipse is more beautiful? See below…

But I’m realising there are many issues – the word ‘beauty’ is really hard to work with. Instead I feel I should rephrase it, like… what is the most perfect (but does beauty = perfection??) or what is the most visually appealing, (too vague). I really feel I’m lacking any purpose or context, but is it absolutely necessary??

It it more about what is most appropriate? Which one looks better? even? balance? right? They all mean different things…


Simplest Form

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