War: The Whole Story

Here are some jacket design options I put together a while back for the title War: The Whole Story – a new book idea presented at back Frankfurt Book Fair in 2013.

IsabelEeles_WarTheWholeStory_Cover_Ideas 2

It was harder than I imagined it would be, to find the right image. You don’t want to glorify war and you also don’t want to hide from the reality that it entails. It needs to be powerful and impactful but not too morbid and brutal on the senses and put people off. It has to capture the mood and spirit of war, all wars if possible, past and present. How do you capture the feeling of war in one encompassing image that doesn’t focus particularly on one war?? Do we feature a more relevant modern day image or an historical and nostalgic viewpoint of the topic. Should it have been something human and approachable to really draw us in and play on our emotions or something neutral and symbolic and all encompassing… it’s tricky!

You can see the final one that was chosen in the end here, and take a look at the sample spreads I designed here as well.

Which of these one do you like, prefer most, or think works the best and why?
I’d be curious to know your thoughts!

War: The Whole Story