Winter Oranges

Another illustration (1 of 4) I was commissioned to create for La Montana, a range of gorgeous scented candles inspired by a British couple’s new life in a delightful Spanish mountain village. This one was called “Winter Oranges” – the scent is a warm, spicy, zesty blend of Valencia orange, cinnamon, red apple, and clove.


This illustration was quite fiddly to do, in particular my attempt to make the ingredients as simple in form but still recognisable through the use of limited shapes and colour. I maybe didn’t pare it down enough, I have a habit of wanting to keep adding more and more detail to drawings but actually often, and especially in this case, less is more. Some of the vintage travel posters these illustrations were inspired by were created so simply with a very limited colour palette and line work and they look amazing – it’s quite a skill, one I’m working on and keen to explore. I’m certainly interested to find out what it smells like as I’m sure it will be warming and delicious – a perfect Christmas scent (not that far away now…)


You can see the previous Alfredo’s Cafe Poster here, and all the other illustrations I created for the La Montana range here.

Winter Oranges

The Silmarillion • J.R.R. Tolkien

An imagined book cover I created for the unfinished The Silmarillin by Tolkien.
The commission was for inclusion in the title The Greatest Books You’ll Never Read by Bernard Richards.

1973_Isabel Eeles_J.R.R Tolkien_The Simallirion_BookCoverDesign

The watercolour painting is my own creation and great to be able to use it for this cover, I felt it was a perfect fit, I just had to find a way to add the necessary text and combine the two in an appropriate and interesting way.

Isabel Eeles The Silmarillion JRR Tolkien Greatest Books

The book is out now in the UK and US, and actually contains a total of 7 book cover designs by me! You can see them all here.

The Silmarillion • J.R.R. Tolkien

War: The Whole Story

Here are some jacket design options I put together a while back for the title War: The Whole Story – a new book idea presented at back Frankfurt Book Fair in 2013.

IsabelEeles_WarTheWholeStory_Cover_Ideas 2

It was harder than I imagined it would be, to find the right image. You don’t want to glorify war and you also don’t want to hide from the reality that it entails. It needs to be powerful and impactful but not too morbid and brutal on the senses and put people off. It has to capture the mood and spirit of war, all wars if possible, past and present. How do you capture the feeling of war in one encompassing image that doesn’t focus particularly on one war?? Do we feature a more relevant modern day image or an historical and nostalgic viewpoint of the topic. Should it have been something human and approachable to really draw us in and play on our emotions or something neutral and symbolic and all encompassing… it’s tricky!

You can see the final one that was chosen in the end here, and take a look at the sample spreads I designed here as well.

Which of these one do you like, prefer most, or think works the best and why?
I’d be curious to know your thoughts!

War: The Whole Story

1001 Beers

Here are some vector illustrations I created for the cover of the best selling book
1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die which was updated in 2013:

1001 Beers Design Illustration developments Isabel Eeles3

The drawing style had to be in keeping with the previous edition. I tried all sorts of different glass and bottles shapes in order to find the perfect one but in the end we used almost all of them on the cover!

1001BeersBookJacketDesignbyIsabelEelesIllustration10 1001 Beers JKT CASSELL 1001-Beers-To-Drink-Book-Cover-Design-and-Illustration-by-Isabel-EelesI quite like the finished design and result, I think the dark blue background makes the glasses pop and stand out, is there anything you would have done to improve it?


1001 Beers

Album Cover Designs

Here are some snapshots of the interior of the new book The Greatest Albums You’ll Never Hear:Unreleased Records By The World’s Greatest Musicians, by Bruno MacDonaldwhich features some of my imagined album covers designs, see them all in print below!

Greatest Albums Bruce Spingsteen Nebraska photo by Isabel EelesGreatest Albums Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks design by Isabel Eeles
Greatest Albums CSNY Human Highway Design by Isabel Eeles Greatest Albums Green Day Design Illustration by Isabel EelesGreatest Albums Dusty Springfield Longing Design by Isabel EelesGreatest Albums May Jailer Lana Del Ray Sirens Design and Illustration by Isabel Eeles Greatest Albums The Grey Album Danger Mouse Beatles Illustration by Isabel Eeles Greatest Albums U2 Songs of Ascent photo by Isabel EelesThere are some absolutely cracking designs in the book, which includes artwork by creatives such as Vaughan Oliver, John Pasche and Bill Smith (who between them have created award-winning covers for the likes of Cocteau Twins, Sinéad O’Connor, The Rolling Stones, Kate Bush and Pixies). It is an honour to have work featured along side such names, skill and talent. Find a copy on shelves in bookstores around the UK (and US) now and see it all for yourself!

You can see more on the artwork I created here


Album Cover Designs