Book of Light

A self initiated project inspired by the complex nature of language and words resulted in a book complied of all the words/phrases that contain/use the word ‘light’, showing how the addition of prefixes and suffixes can subtly (light & lights) and dramatically (slight & flight) change the meaning of a word…


The brief was to redesign an existing dictionary.

Final Design:


The little things

CSM BA GD Year 2 self initiated project. Produced these little messages to be sneakingly dropped in to the pockets of various garments in various shops.

The texts are extracts from a story about consumerism and how by following the trendy need for expensive ‘labels’ you lose track of sometime more important and necessary things! I wanted these sorts of people to reflect on their spending habits and hone back in to the small things that matter in their life.

The web address given at the end would open up a new world for them to discover more about the intention and would ideally become a place where people come together and share their thoughts on the topic.

Books and Meaning

CSM BA GD Year 2 brief about form and meaning within books. We were given an newspaper article and had had to capture it’s essence in the form of a book.
I decided to use the book as though it was his body – bound in leather as his skin, an equivalent shape and size to the human form…
The final book, in the style of the qu’aran.
See here for the bookbinding process.
The inside written in both Arabic and English:

the Sunday Observer Magazine

CSM BA GD Year 2 brief to redesign the sunday observer magazine – we were given all the text content for 3 articles and various images, our task was to create a new design with a layout of up to 12 pages.


CSM BA GD Year 2 project, the brief was to design and make a flag for an existing (past or present) movement lacking one. It must be for both insiders as well as outside viewers and recognisable at a small scale. I chose feminism – there was a lot of research, compiling, deciphering, designing and sketching involved – below is the final design and my reasoning. 

Addicted to Reading

CSM BA GD Year 1 project based around books intended to inspire/celebrate reading.
Bookshelf Alphabet, 2009
Letter S, Digital Photograph, 2009


CSM BA GD Year 1 project for a mock-up magazine called artscool, the brief was to design a sample 3 page spread article layout design inspired by real content – I chose fashion designer Angel Nokonoko of Rococo as my subject.
Artscool Magazine Layout, 2009


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