Winter Oranges

Another illustration (1 of 4) I was commissioned to create for La Montana, a range of gorgeous scented candles inspired by a British couple’s new life in a delightful Spanish mountain village. This one was called “Winter Oranges” – the scent is a warm, spicy, zesty blend of Valencia orange, cinnamon, red apple, and clove.


This illustration was quite fiddly to do, in particular my attempt to make the ingredients as simple in form but still recognisable through the use of limited shapes and colour. I maybe didn’t pare it down enough, I have a habit of wanting to keep adding more and more detail to drawings but actually often, and especially in this case, less is more. Some of the vintage travel posters these illustrations were inspired by were created so simply with a very limited colour palette and line work and they look amazing – it’s quite a skill, one I’m working on and keen to explore. I’m certainly interested to find out what it smells like as I’m sure it will be warming and delicious – a perfect Christmas scent (not that far away now…)


You can see the previous Alfredo’s Cafe Poster here, and all the other illustrations I created for the La Montana range here.

Winter Oranges

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