Evolution The Whole Story

Advance hand–bound copies of Evolution The Whole Story arrived in the Quintessence office and I think it looks fabulous! Do you like the cover?? The male chimpanzee photo on the front is by Brad Wilson – check out the rest of his work here, his photographs are absolutely magnificent.

Evolution_TheWhole Story_IsabelEeles

It is such a momentous part of the book design process, just as exciting as it was with my first ever title. When you hold the complete book in your hand and all it’s parts come together to work in harmony, well that is the idea anyway! It’s always lovely to see soooo many months of work in the flesh finally, as long as you don’t look at it too closely and spot any mistakes…of which there are none in here, of course! 

It will be published by Thames & Hudson in the UK, and is out in Sept 2015. You can pre-order your copy here now!

I’ll share with you some sample spreads shortly, to give you sneak peak at the inside!


Evolution The Whole Story

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