Wedding Menu Design

Here is a menu that I designed for a wonderful wedding that took place last year which I was honoured to be a part of, in quite a big way… and that is because the client was my sister, Marian Needam, née Eeles, aka the fabulous DIY queen Knicker Elastic Fantastic!


It was a full comprehensive list of all the food and drinks provided during the day’s festivities. The main meal on the front, wine list on the back along with the late night feast of local made bread and cheese, and best of all – pavlova turned eton mess – which I can vouch for and was delicious! Marian gave me all the text and I had to make sense of it in a way that would be easy to read and understand while being visually appealing. The menu was printed back to back on lovely thick slightly textured paper and placed on the dining table in front of each guest, prior to their arrival, tucked neatly into the coral coloured napkins ready for them to peruse. Here it is in situ: 20140712-399-anushe-low-photography-kent-tipi-wedding-photography Photo by Anushe Low. See more of the wonderful wedding pictures taken here, here and here. The scrumptious food was provided by Home Gurr’own

You can read more about the wedding logo which we featured on the front of the menu here.

Wedding Menu Design

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