Go Places Cars Can’t

Design and development from concept stage for a new series, Go Places Cars Can’t, which was presented at The London Book Fair 2015: IsabelEeles_GoPlacesCarsCant_ISLANDS_Cover_DesignIsabelEeles_GoPlacesCarsCant_FORESTS_Cover_DesignIsabelEeles_GoPlacesCarsCant_MOUNTAINS_Cover_Design Here is the full jacket design for the first in the series, Islands: IsabelEeles_GoPlaces CarsCant_ ISLANDS_BookCoverDesign They’re quite a small format, only 198mm x 140mm, 224pp and paperback. I had initially imagined them (when suggesting the title at the new book ideas meeting) to be large coffee table books full of impressive photos, but instead they’re going to be fun, quirky, handy, little pocket travel guide/reference books. I hope they get sold and go ahead now! IsabelEeles_GoPlacesCarsCant_Series_Cover_Designs I quite like how they turned out – neat, clean, simple, to the point. Bold type on strong images, I thought I wouldn’t get away with this and have to add colour but they were accepted. Mind you, things always look better when presented in a series!


Go Places Cars Can’t

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