1001 IDEAS

Isabel Eeles 1001 IDEAS BOOK DESIGNShowcasing the first book I was fully in charge of myself design wise at Quintessence (note this was over three years ago now!). I was responsible for finalising the book design from presentation stage; setting up the template; laying out the content (all 940 pages); picture researching and selecting appropriate images for each entry; balancing layout variation throughout the book as whole; designing a set of icons for use in the book; getting the hi-res image versions; retouching/photoshop work; getting the files ready for repro; checking wet proofs; making colour corrections; designing the jacket; checking sizes and adding finishes (a lovely bit of Gloss Spot UV); and finally, eventually, approving it all to print! It was a special day when the advance copies of this arrived in the office, it was a proud moment indeed.

1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think by Robert Arp, preface by Arthur Caplan was the 21st title in the multi-million best-selling 1001 Before You Die series.

Published by Cassell (UK), Atria (US) and Allen & Unwin (Australia) in 2013.
It has since been reprinted several times and been translated into multiple languages and sold worldwide.
960pp | 210 x 160mm

1001 IDEAS

2 thoughts on “1001 IDEAS

  1. shinyoliver says:

    I like the design. Your nail polish, I mean…. Oh, look, there’s a book. I like that book too.

    Hey, it’s a book about Renaissance. Did it talk about free standing statues and foreshortening?

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