Gallery Wall

IsabelEelesPhotoOfKnickerElastiucFantiasticGalleryWallA sneaky snap I took just on my iPhone at my sister’s house late one evening after work and during a surprise visits from my brother (left). I like the photo as you can tell it’s an action shot, caught in the moment, it has a natural cosy, casual & relaxed vibe, oh and it showcases the fabulous new gallery wall Maz and Ben had just put up, see more about that DIY here. It was a fun evening, we were planning the details of our next holiday, a skiing trip that was to take place in France the following week. Much excitement and comical trying on of old and extremely out of date skiing gear was involved. We hadn’t been on such a winter holiday together as siblings for over 10 years or so. Tryst initially taught us to snowboard, way back in the day, and I was looking forward to carving up the slopes ensemble once again.

Gallery Wall

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