Architecture The Whole Story : Spreads

Here are some snapshots of the interior of the book Architecture: The Whole Story that I designed in collaboration with Tom Howey and which came out in Autumn 2014. The work was split rather evenly down the middle in true teamwork style, Tom did all the “key work” spreads and I took care of all the “essays”, here are a sample of them:


The essays were mainly single spreads but some spanned across two. It was a simple balancing act in selecting the right combination of images that showed the buildings mentioned within the text in their best light, ideally highlighting any distinctive features described, as well as finding images that complimented each other well on the spread itself.

I enjoyed doing these layouts, they were fairly quick, straight forward and pain free. I thin I got through 10-15 or so in a day once they picture research had been done but there were numerous changes and adjustments along the way. There was the odd strangely problematic building were we struggled to find any pictures of thwm at all, but we could always try and illustrate another building that was mentioned in the text if necessary. The only other issue was the difficulty in finding images without any strange perspective or distortion, we tried to stay clear of these and instead portray the buildings in their truest form.

All in all I think the book came together very well. I did some colour work to the essay images, straightening verticals and retouching out the odd tourist here and there! But Tom dealt with the bulk of the colour work as I has to move on to work on another title. It’s a pretty substantial book at 576pp but a thoroughly pleasing outcome, and covers all things architecture, you should check it out!

The book is published by Thames & Hudson in the UK and Prestel in the US.

Architecture The Whole Story : Spreads

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