A rather dark, moody and atmospheric photo I took inside the CAPC (Centre of Contemporary Visual Arts) Modern Art Museum in Bordeaux back during a short holiday over there towards the end of summer 2014.

It is beautiful building, an old depot/warehouse that used to store exotic products way back in the early 19th century. It’s full of history but feels contemporary due to the combination of old and new architecture and I love the semi-symmetrical element of these walkways, both structurally and decoratively, it feels planned, organised, purposeful and orderly.

IsabelEelesPhotoBordeaux2014It is however thrown into disarray due to the one malfunctioning lamp that allows an archway segment to fall into darkness disrupting the flow and continuity. I imagine it wasn’t intentional, shame! How important is symmetry for us and in our everyday life, or particularly for me I’m thinking about things in the world of visual communication, why do we prefer symmetry over unbalanced/out a place/off centre design. I wonder whether I’d like this photo more of less if it was perfectly symmetrical… I did a very quick photoshop job and I interestingly definitely don’t prefer either of these:


They feel fake, forced, unnatural, unrealistic, but then symmetry is a naturally occurring phenomenon no? The idea of perfection/order/composition within a 2d space has been a research topic of mine before, but I’ll have to look into the idea of symmetry more.

I also want try using the original photo to create a poster that playing with type and symmetry…


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