This is a snapshot of the back cover of the book Sci-fi Chronicles and I rather like it…! JacketDesignbyIsabelEeles_Sci-fiChronicles I’ll tell you why… so often we do work or collaborate on books/projects in such a way that it is impossible to credit everyone who was involved or contributed in some way. Also, often the final publishers of the book (we are a co-editon publisher remember – we have clients we need to please) don’t enquire as to the designer of the work, it might not cross their mind to insist on adding copy to credit the original creator. However, every now and then the publishers do though, they get more involved in the whole process, they really value the importance of the cover design and are willing to spend time on getting it spot on and I sincerely appreciate that. [If you haven’t already seen it, you can find the all important front cover of Sci-fi here and here]. The publishers sometimes specifically request the designer’s name be credited on the jacket somewhere, as was the case with the Aurum edition of Sci-fi Chronicles... and what a glorious sight it is! I have Sam Harrison, the commissioning editor at Aurum to thank. My name has appeared on many imprint pages before but not in such a prominent place as this, and surprisingly, or not, I rather like it  🙂


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