Life Drawing

Here are the results from my first life drawing class of 2015, I go after work with some colleagues to the Candid Arts Trust in Angel. I was pretty happy with these really, they’re not perfect but not disasterous either! I think I prefer the 10min in-between length ones the most rather than the shorter (2mins) or longer ones (20-40mins), and I hadn’t expected that, usually I think the more time I spend on something the better it gets, I now realise that’s possibly not the case. Even if they are incomplete, the others have more life to them, although that might just be down to the standing over sitting poses…
IsabelEelesLifeDrawingI want to push my life drawing this year by trying out new materials/techniques, these feel very safe and static, might not be sure how much I’m improving, but at least by experimenting I might come across something new and a different style I can both do and prefer. Charcoal has it’s uses but also it’s drawbacks!


Life Drawing

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