Belated Prezzie

I received a lovely surprise in the post at work the other day, a belated xmas gift from my brother and his girlfriend, which was sent all they way over from Bordeaux, once they had returned back to their flat there after spending the festive season over here. The contents were delightful, spot on as usual, Leila is ever so good at choosing gifts perfectly suited for each person (quite a skill!). The package included a myriad of little gifts, each one as good as, if not better than the last, but importantly it also contained this cute christmas themed illustrated card by Leila herself to top it all off (she is a wonderful children’s book illustrator – see more of her fabulous work here) do check it out, I’m sure you’ll love her style, I certainly do, and I’m going to hold on to and treasure this little one!

LeilaRudgeIllustrationA simple but delightful drawing, and one that I can certainly relate to at this very moment in time, the temperature has dropped considerably these days, layering up is an absolute must!

Belated Prezzie

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