Sci-fi Chronicles X3

IMG_6597Here are piles (when they were fresh off the press – the hardbacks are still wrapped up in their protective tissue paper!) of the three different editions of the book Sci-fi Chronicles that I had the pleasure of worked on this year. I designed the bottom right hand jacket, which is the Aurum (UK) edition. I’m very proud of this one (and the book as a whole I should add!), there were an awful lot of design development, trials and changes made until the final solution was chosen, but I think it turned out very strong. I had some input in the middle cover design for the Thames & Hudson (AUS) edition, it was following on the same concept used on the previous book in the same series – Rock Chronicles. Unfortunately I had no say at all really in the top left cover, which was for the Fifefly (US) edition and I personally think it is the weakest of them all! Do you agree??

Sci-fi Chronicles X3

4 thoughts on “Sci-fi Chronicles X3

    1. Thank you! Means a lot, even more so coming from a Sci-fi fan. It can be hard at times to design material for areas that I personally don’t have much experience or knowledge of, but then that’s all part of the challenge!

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