Sci-Fi Chronicles

I’m proud to present to you another publication I’ve been involved in recently:

Sci-Fi Chronicles: A Visual History of The Galaxy’s Greatest Science Fiction

Sci-fiChroniclesBookCover DesignbyIsabelEeles

The general editor of the book was Guy Haley, a science fiction journalist and now writer, and features a foreword by the prolific British hard science fiction author Stephen Baxter.

And what a beast of a book it is, at an immense 576 pages, it’s got an awful lot of content. I think it began it’s life back in May 2013 (that’s over a year and a half ago!). There’s a lot of stages that you have to go through when producing a book. I worked on both the inside and out, laying out the spreads was a team effort in the end, from three designers in total, due to the book’s subject, size and complexity (you’ll have to look at the spreads to fully appreciated it!). There were so many different elements to contend with, there’s certainly an awful lot of information squeezed in there.

Above is the jacket I designed for the Aurum edition of the book which came out in the UK in October 2014. It’s got a matt laminated finish some with gloss spot UV (on Hal’s eye) and silver foil blocking for the main text. There was rounds of ideas and developments before this design was settled upon but I personally think the end result is quite striking, it’s a pretty strong cover. Clean, simple, sleek and stylish, to the point and a little futuristic looking even?!

I’ll share the other jacket designs and some interior photos with you shortly.

Sci-Fi Chronicles

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