Books Books Books

This is one of the many shelving units at work, chockablock full of the production copies of all the english and foreign editions of the 1001 Before You Die Series including: Films / Songs / Albums / Books / Beers / Paintings / Escapes / Inventions and the list goes on


It has been fascinating to see how the jacket design for the same book and content can vary so much from country to country. It can make such an impact to one’s impression of a book and whether you want to pick it up, read it and buy it or not.

And this shelving unit below was empty when I first joined Quintessence, and look at it now, filling up fast!


We’re finally getting to see all the finished printed and bound books produced by us here at Quintessence that we started working on long ago (this time last year to be exact!). They’re all big fat coffee table sorts of books and it is very rewarding to physically see those months of work paying off in something tangible.

I can’t wait to share all the new titles with you when they hit the shops and hopefully i’ll be able to give you some sneaky insider peaks of them along the way…

Books Books Books

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