Pointe Shoes

I was enticed into getting out and dust off my long buried pointe shoes this evening after catching a glimpse of a ballet class in action at the Dance Attic Studios in Fulham Broadway, I’d been attending a Zumba class with friends there last night, great fun (see their full and varied class schedule here).

I’d forgotten how beautiful they are, just holding them in my hands feels magical and when I put them on I’m transformed into a pirouetting prima ballerina (wishful thinking!!) but oh my I’d also completely forgotten how so very very painful being on pointe actually is, don’t know how I used to do it at all, my feet are so weak now having not done it for years!

Ballet Pointe Shoes by Isabel Eeles

I think I might have to take up ballet classes again – I passed Grade 8 when I was a teenager, it was just an after school hobby and there was no chance it would have been anything else as, unfortunately, I was no where near good enough, but it would be a shame to lose all the experience and skill completely. New year, new resolutions, new start…

Pointe Shoes

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