London Addixion Presentation 1

A little late in showing this so I do apologise, but here if the first presentation I gave to the L’Oreal Professionel team at the beginning of the London Addiction collaboration project between L’Oreal and CSM gradutes last year.

I presented my initial research, findings, inspiration, influences, ideas and developments, ending with my initial product mock-up. If they liked what they saw in this presentation we would be asked to continue in the competition…

My concept was to create collages of mannequins with cool hairstyles wearing ‘London’ as clothing and accessories. In my initial mockups I found the £20, £10 and £5 british notes were a great set for 3 products and they created these lovely ‘jumpers’. I complimented these mannequins with odd accessories from a Dr. Martens boot and St Paul’s Cathedral dome as hats, to old-fashioned london lamp-posts as earrings.

We found out the day before the presentation that it was going to be filmed by L’Oreal. I was obviously nervous) I struggle to speak publicly at the best of times let alone in front of a camera!) However my work must have spoken for itself as a few days after the presentation, 2 of the 7 of us (a fellow CSM graphic design graduate and competitor Lucy Verrechia and myself) were selected as the two finalists and were asked to continue our ideas further for the L’Oreal team to then decide whose designs would be finally realised…

London Addixion Presentation 1

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