A spot of gardening (aka weeding)

Summertime (if I can call it that) calls for making proper use of the garden that I was so desperate to have when moving house. However, it does of course need some tlc to keep in working order and this is something I’m learning slowly.

Here it is BEFORE we touched it:

And AFTER a sunny afternoon of teamwork in the garden it looked much more presentable, we discovered things that we didn’t even know existed!

My parents were (or still are I should say) very keen gardeners. I loved having a big garden when I was growing up and there being too many flowers, plants, fruits and vegetable for me to possibly name. I knew it took a lot of time, effort and hard work to maintain it to a certain standard and I never thought I’d be interested in gardening, but I actually really enjoyed a peaceful (and challenging) afternoon of weeding. It was really rewarding to see how a little bit of patience can make a big difference. I do now believe officially we’re ready for the summer – bring on the BBQs! Just need to wait for the sun…

[*Note: Please ignore the shopping trolley, it was there before we moved in, promise!]
A spot of gardening (aka weeding)

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