London Addixion

Finally it is out in the public and I can reveal something rather exciting that I was involved in recently that I’ve been dying to share with everyone…

In Sept 2011 I was one of seven hand selected participant asked to take part in another graduate competition, (see the previous project I was involved in here) this time it was a collaboration between the infamous arts institution Central Saint Martins and the international leader in hair and beauty – L’Oreal Professional who hav been working together to nurture and support new and upcoming talent fot the past 11 years.

The brief was to come up with ideas and design artwork for a new limited edition hair care range titled London Addiction, where the main influencing themes for the design were to be fashion and London.

I was very excited and thought the project was right up my street – I’ve always had a deep interest in fashion and kindled a growing love for london – marrying all that with my new found and well developed skill in design was a perfect opportunity.

After a few weeks of brainstorming, idea generating, researching, designs, drawing, presenting, reworking etc – and skipping to the best bit – much to my surprise (and delight) my designs were chosen as the winning concept. Mine were actually going to be made, launched and sold in hair salons worldwide.

And now I present to you the new limited edition London Addixion range of hair care products by Tecni Art from L’Oreal Professional:

New London Addixion L'Oreal Range

The range comprises of 3 unique products:

1 – ‘Sprax Delight

2 –  ‘Bouncy Wax’

3 – ‘Bubbles Soufflé’

[*Note: Now go out and buy a stash of them before its too late and they all run out – they are limited edition remember!]
London Addixion

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