I was lucky enough through a friend of a friend of a friend (and of course due to my exceptional design skills… I did have an interview, evem if brief!) to get to work as a graphic artist for the ITV Series Whitechapel 3 that was filming back in summer 2011 – and above is the proof!

Never having had such an experience before it was an eye opener, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t even know/think/realise that there are graphic designers doing that sort of work, many pros and cons to the TV/film industry:

  • 1 – Long working hours 8am-7pm with a 5day 6day week = insane –  I was a rather grumpy wreck for that month! Not sure how long I could hack it for, they’re very intense short and sharp periods of time.
  • 2 – Relatively good pay as a starting salary I thought, you do need your own equipment, laptop and all programs at least and a good A3 printer and scanner ideal – something I still need to invest in.
  • 3 – Fun environment, at times I was often alone in the office while the others were out buying/transporting/on set preparing. We had music playing most the time and you just plod along with the list of things you have to get done, although it did also get very stressful when last minute changes or demands made.
  • 4 – Great crew family feeling, they instantly take you in and under their wing, a tight nit group of people always up for a laugh (note to self – I need to work on my banter skills!)
  • 5 – Unfortunately you never quite know what you’re going to be doing or working on next in the TV/Film industry, things come and go as they’re normally short term contracts, when filming came to an end, no one know what they were going to do next! Not the most secure working lifestyle.
  • 6 – I absolutely loved how hands on it was though, as a job it was great for me, something I really enjoyed, it was perfect in a way as pretty much everything they needed for set was of course physical things e.g. books, posters, signs etc. There was a lot of computer work in preparation of these elements but in the end the outcome was real object and thats what I enjoy the most – seeing the final outcome, I think its important.

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