Graduate Project No.1

So the first thing that happened literally as soon as I got to know my degree grade I was asked to take part (having been ‘hand selected and recommended by the academic team from CSM BAGD’) in a high profile graduate project. On the 24th June 2011 I received an email:

“One of the worlds most prestigious companies has made a significant donation to Central Saint Martins/UAL, naming the Lecture Theatre at our new site at King’s Cross. You are invited to participate in a project to generate design ideas for signage in the form an installation that will be located outside the Lecture Theatre. The nature of the installation will express the sponsor brand value and that of CSM.”

Little later we found out that the high profile company sponsoring CSM was:

We were to be working with renowned graphic designer Vaughan Oliver as our mentor, the wonderful Lee Widdows, Director of Marketing and Communication at CSM, and the legendary CSM professor and type designer, Phil Baines, as well as members from LVMH primarily including the Group Communications Director, Bruno-Roland Bernard and founder and editor of The Business of Fashion, Imran Amed, all to help guide us along the way.

To the left  is a copy of the first PDF I presented to LVMH where we were putting across our initial research, inspiration and ideas for feedback: (NOTE: It might be a little tricky to understand the flow fully as off course I was speaking & explaining along with it whereas here there is no such addition to the visuals – but I’m pretty sure it will you give you an idea of what its was all about!)

A couple of weeks, further workshops, presentation and feedback sessions later we had our final presentation to LVMH on the 21st July 2011 at their lovely London head offices on Clifford Street where we were to impress and persuade them of the potential of our proposal.

Click to the left to see a copy of my final LVMH PDF presentation – the concept has been developed further so some of the earlier slides have been removed, additional slides added and the content rearranged for a better flow:

LVMH were to choose a couple of the 9 proposed ideas they were keen to take to the next level before finally deciding on the winner. On the July 23rd 2011 I was told that my idea was shortlised in the top two by LVMH  – I was rather excited about this! Both finalist’s ideas were to be presented to both the head LVMH team in Paris and discussed with the builders for feasibility before a verdict be made…

It was a tense and rather long period time in waiting which was painful but it was also soothing to know that I’d done all that I could from my side and now it was just time to wait.

The answer came via email on the 1st of September 2011:

“It has been a long process with many involved and I am sorry to say that your proposal while really liked by all, was not the one finally selected, but well done for being one of the two chosen for consideration, the decision was not taken lightly, and one reason it has taken so long is because all parties liked both concepts so much.Everyone felt yours was extremely creative and responded sympathetically to the brief and had great ‘poetry’ in both material usage and imagery. The architects particularly liked your submission”

Of course it was a shame not to have won, I’m not going to deny that, but also I can’t complain with being runner up and the comments I’d received about my work, I was very happy to have gotten that far. It was a wonderful experience (personally for me the first of its kind) the presentations were hugely daunting with public speaking not being my strong point (although I have been told otherwise!!). However, everything gets better with practice and I learned an awful lot from it all which I’d hope would only better my chances in future…

Graduate Project No.1

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