Been trying to create an online portfolio and it’s taking me ages. Initially I thought I’d code my own site and everything but really don’t know what I was thinking! Using a simple image ‘upload, arrange and publish’ set up is time consuming and fiddly enough as it is!

Just decided I hate working with things that aren’t physical, I seem to loose track of things – where I saved that image; where the rest of the pictures of that project are, etc. I miss working physically, with my hands, with real things, with stuff to hold, handle and place in the REAL world…

Anyway I got a few projects up – using a site called behance (left), and its pretty good, people had suggested one called cargo, see a few class mates sites on there here, Shunimoto and Zahariades, which are great, professional looking but on first trial I lost everything I was working on with one accidental click – very annoying! I’ll give it another try when I have more time to be careful- it does have simple slideshow capabilites which is great – would be keen on using that, doesn’t seem Behance has it unless I’ve just passed it by.

Here’s a few of my first uploaded projects with Behance – it’s similar content that is currently on my pages here on this site but much better organised and explained, check them out:

A – Z @http://bit.ly/kfvPna

Case History @http://bit.ly/ktGJAa

Brick Lane @http://bit.ly/jTWwqz

You can also create a simple portfolio site with no branding and everything which is directly linked to these uploaded projects on Behance, comes at a little price but I’m considering it, just as I’m running out of time, I wanted it all ready for the degree show, starting next wed… and along with everything else that needs to be done in time might be unlikely!


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