Went to see a performance at the Place last last night. An old dance school friend, Hannah (left), was performing as part of the company mapdance (an MA Student Performance Company). She was the best back then in the class and still is! It was wonderful, contemporary dance is a tricky one – initially and to an untrained eye it may seem less technically difficult than classical ballet but I think I’d disagree. Know I’ve tried some classes and struggled with the simplest of moves, I just don’t have it in me! I want to make an effort to see more contemporary performances though. I remember seeing something years ago with my dad (it was the music he was keen on) John Tavener – crazy stuff (his music used to actually scare me when I was younger!) but the dancing was amazing, first time seeing anything like that – it was out of this world.

I’ve also seen one rather contemporary opera at the ROH and that also was quite a performance – the space, the music, the singers, the stage, the props, the movement – all together just absolutely stunning, there were these surreal moments, beautiful, timeless, just didn’t want them to end…


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