137 Pages

Final word selection, finally completed, thanks to my new finding, I changed dramatically my previous list of ‘words’, now they really are all words, not things like ‘visible light’ & ‘light coloured’ but more like ‘flightless’ & ‘delighter’ where the stem word ‘light’ is a part of it, rather than being two separate words, much better in my opinion.

I also removed all (well, most) multiples and all the varying tenses (past etc) since they weren’t different words with a different meaning as such. I added at the end some phrases that include the word light, these were in my last mock up but I removed a few since they weren’t different enough, the phrases were meant to be unusual use of the word light, less literal like ‘in to the light’ and more like, ‘in light of’.

I have 137 pages in total, (one word per spread – not going to be double sided like my mock up) going to be expensive to print, I can fit two pages on an A4 page so that is 70 pages, the paper I was considering using was 40p a sheet which come to £28… for one book?? hmm, see if I can modify some aspect.

137 Pages

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