Light Book

I need to make some conclusive decisions about this outcome, it is still so up in the air – I know what I want, I can see it, but I’m sure how to get there. My resources and knowledge is limiting me and I hate that. I don’t know enough about circuits and electricity to make my own, I can’t afford to get anything specially made and I don’t have the time or ability to learn the technique to be able to make it all myself. Instead I have to use what is already there, finding something suitable at a reasonable price and that’s it. I’ve got part way there, I was excited about the outcome but I keep coming across obstacles and it’s disheartening, I want it finished as I imagine to be!

Thing I need to decide on:

  1. The Paper – Thick, as white as possible, shiny and reflective – but must be suitable for printing on.
  2. Page size – width and height (it will be landscape that’s all I know atm)
  3. A suitable font – bold, strong, yet friendly, convincing,
  4. Point size, and positioning on the page relative to the light source.
  5. Hole position & size (how do I cut it, want it neat and precise, do we do die cutting at uni?)
  6. Back cover structure to hold the light circuit in place, will need to be about an inch thick at least, what material to let the light through?
  7. Opening mechanism (Can I get a bigger magnet, does that give me more room and leverage?) How does it attach to the front cover?
  8. Cover material – is the top see-through?Perspex, How thick?
  9. Binding technique – there’s going to be a lot of pages, what’s best? Glue, screws, stitching? Needs to be secure.
  10. Do I include the definitions of the words I am using anywhere on the page?
  11. The narrative through the book – alphabetical, word length etc… how is it arranged?
Light Book

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