Number Data

I had to include the final percentages (a number out of 100) of the votes for each shape in the outcome, somewhere on the page, as without that they’re just a collection of shapes with absolutely no meaning, and the whole point was to see if I could find out what the overall preferred forms were where beauty (something that is visually appealing) was the main concern.

Again I didn’t want to print them digitally, they needed a simpler format, I considered printing using stamps or also embossing the numebrs but that would have placed them on the same level as the forms themselves and that isn’t right. I guess the most appropriate might have been to have them handwritten but that was risky, in the end I found these stickers, little black slightly raised forms and I think they complement the embossing rather well, neat, simple but informative, ‘handmade’ but still professional looking, each one individually placed and positioned accordingly.

Number Data

One thought on “Number Data

  1. medievalmodernist says:

    Looks great in the photos, looks like thermography. I look forward to seeing the final thing. David

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