Today was spent working on the ‘what if…’ beauty of form book, the setting up and embossing of the 15 pages (around 50 shapes) it was more time consuming than I thought it would be but rather therapeutic:

The Process:

Turn it over once complete and you see the result:


One thought on “Embossing

  1. charlotte Hoyes says:

    Hi Isabel, thanks for your message on my blog. It’s funny you wrote me a message as I’d looked at your lovely embossing and was going to tell you how good it looks when I next saw you – but will do that online now – it looks great!
    Yes, for my printing with dust I just used a bit of printing medium and sieved dust – It looks quite subtle but I guess you wouldn’t know it was dust unless you knew. Quite fun to do though. I like the sound of your friend’s work with dust!
    Yes, burglary was a disaster – I’m really really behind now and feeling bit sad about it all to be honest but trying to use the remaining time productively. Hopefully see you next week and good luck with everything. Cheers Charlotte x

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