You won’t believe how long it takes me to decide things, I’ve been to Faulkiners Fine Papers basically everyday this week so far, eventually I decided on some paper but it wasn’t easy… There were a few limitations which helped: I needed one of a fairly substantial weight, idea one with a bit of natural colour so not stark white and one that would take the embossing kindly so it should have as little or no seizing as possible, in the end I chose ZERKALL 145CPM Maize Rough. But then I also had to decide on which side of the paper to use…!

Couldn’t even work out which side was meant to be used, one side was smooth and the other rough and fiberous which I initially preferred, but at the same time it reminded me of the texture of sugar paper which wasn’t so good, the smooth side gave a more crisp, neat and professional finish.

Then once they’d been cut down to size (from 760x530mm in half to 760x265mm) I had other decisions before I could start embossing. The paper had a natural rough uncut edge which I liked but when the paper was cut down to page size one side was rough and the other cut, I thought they could alternate but it looked to messy and uneven:

So I decided the top side will be cut neat and the bottom left rough and exposed:

Quick note: the pages will be folded and bound with the fold at the outside edge so they will be double thickness but the main reason is so that you can’t see the underside of the embossed page on the back when the page is turned.


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