Selection of Links

Link for an online visual dictionary, very limited but I guess it’s along the lines I’d thought about, very simplistic site but you get the idea:


Another one is the online graphic dictionary that uses colours, symbols and shapes to represent different things and to associate with other words and ideas, looks like it could get complicated and takes a while to work out but definitely a useful and very different way of looking at words and meaning.

Below is a link I found via facebook, a class mate is also looking at words (but in particular difficulty with spelling), someone suggested a site all about Hynonyms (never heard that word before) but it perfectly illustrates the complexity of the English language and it bizzare sound and corresponding sound system we have, why on earth are there so many different ways of spelling exactly the same sound:

This one sounds interesting, also called a visual dictionary it showcases a selection of words from the real world that have been photographed in an attempt to catalouge it all, graffiti, signage, etc

Selection of Links

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