Noun, Verb, Adjective

Still struggling to decide on the words for the tea towel project. I know it needs to be a series, so 3 at least.

They need to be words that have some but not too much ambiguity, so ‘banana’ would obviously be unsuitable as there would be hardly any variation, this is the case for many nouns. As would feelings for their general inability to be explained and visually represented let alone drawn. Adjectives (describing words) would result in a comparison to explain the idea and an verb which I call a ‘doing word’, it describes a motion, usually one that is acted out in the physical world so would have a visual ready made connection.

Few words that have sprung to mind as possibilities as words that could result in various visual representation:

Hot, Heat, Air or Wind, Colour, Light, Shade, Natural, Cool, Irregular, Weight, Dark, Cold, Heavy…

Need 3 words that connect as a whole somehow, that’s the tricky part.

I like the idea of having a full visual dictionary, no words, if that would it be possible? Pretty hard and time consuming for sure, but maybe more universal than a description like in a dictionary where you need to understand other words to get the meaning of the one you don’t. What can go wrong with a visual representation or explanation…?? Good question, sure there are examples of both, bad description and bad visuals, I’m picturing instruction manuals and such, would love to look into that more but unlikely now, so little time…

Noun, Verb, Adjective

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