A-Z Dictionary Cover attempt no.2

Much happier with my second attempt, much evener with the spacing although I still would have done things differently next time again, I’m still learning but getting there. I used orange as my endpapers and I added in 3 thin orange ribbons as well. I know it is normally one and I’m not even sure dictionaries normally have them but I thought they’d be useful, it’s so easy to loose your place and takes time to search for the page again, this way its much easier and quicker and a nice addition, to update the idea of a dictionary, I believe this book would be treasure much more than my original dictionary and it is less likely to fall apart too like my original on had! Here is the inside:

Looking back the cloth could have/should have been slightly more turquoise if I was being pernickety, it’s a bit more royal, actually it looks different in the daylight so I think it’s fine. One outcome 100% finished, (yay) now I just need to compile all the work that went into it into some presentable format, I have a folder full of all my research and trails but they won’t go through it thoroughly so I need to simplify and direct the viewer. What size? Booklet? Format? – Stitched? Stapled? Concertina?….

A-Z Dictionary Cover attempt no.2

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