Light up

We bought a selection of ready made parts to take apart and play around with which were two credit card size lights activated with a little push to connect the circuit and one automatic light on cupboard fixture which I thought was a very good option, I was hopeful. The making process was rather ‘homemade’ (I got handyman dad to work his magic, did remind me of my ALevel Physics, great fun, I actually used some of the knowledge I learnt all those year back!):

It ended up looking rather bombesque (!) we got it working as I wanted and now it’s all sealed up and secure, it is excellent:
(lets just hope I don’t need to replace the batteries if they run out any time soon!)
When you move the magnet away from the circuit completes and the two LEDs light up. The plan is to place the circuit in the back cover and attach the magnet to the front cover so as you open the book the magnet moves away from the circuit allowing the LEDs to light up:
Now I just need to design and print the pages, and plan/design and make the complicated cover and opening structure, not sure how it’s all going to come together, the circuit I have really limits how the book size and shape etc, here I think form will follow function, Is that right?
Light up

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