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Just came across an awesome website, can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner, it was the first one to come up when I typed ‘Light words‘ into Google: morewords.com – a very useful tool, Hussain a class mate did suggest using something like this to help find words but only just properly discovered it now (and just in time though which is even better), it’ll help with my Self Initiated 1 brief (the ‘light’ book) because it gives me: a list of all the words that contain the word ‘light’!

ALL OF THEM: (which = 243 words to be precise) It couldn’t be better, there were some that I’m got but also some that last time I’d missed out, here they are ordered alphabetically:

Here is the same list but ordered by word length (could be a way to structure the book, building up to the most complex):

I inititally only wanted to include words that are created by adding letters to the start or end of the word to create new ones, [e.g. light and slight] however I felt I didn’t have enough so I used ones where whole words added before and/or after changed the meaning, [e.g. infrared light and light fingered] and even phrases as they were the most abstract and interesting at time [e.g. go light on, out the lights and set light to].

I also still need to decide on the flow of the words, how I navigate someone through the book and the best way to make my point (to reiterate, it was: showing the complexity of the English Language, so one word isn’t just one word but is actually included in hundreds and has equal meanings! And how the meaning can change, often dramatically, by the simplest of prefixes and suffixes, ‘light‘ & ‘flight‘, ‘light‘ & ‘lightens‘)

Here’s the same full list but I’ve removed all the unnecessary plurals (leaves about 160 words still):

That be enough? No two words and none of the phrases I used in the mock up? Or should I use it all, the more the better, the more impact and more illustrative of my point it would be? I think so, something like ‘green light‘ doesn’t change the meaning of the ‘light‘ part although it describes it and defines it further. Something like ‘light fingered‘ is pretty complex, what does the ‘light‘ word here refer to, what definition fits? Not the physical beam of particles, or the weight, does it? It something more abstract, but we just understand the phrase and don’t question it, it’s a sort of metaphor (and that’s a whole other world of language to be explored!)

Word List

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