Google Voice Search

Loving the new Google Voice Search ads I’ve seen around and about in the last couple of weeks, find them quite amusing and interesting. Here’s a couple I’ve seen on my travels on the tube:

They sometimes take a while to work out, they’re not easy, they look very foreign but when said aloud they begin to make sense. Once I’ve seen include:

  • loe-kuhl res-tronts = Local restaurants
  • tak-see num-buhz = taxi numbers
  • ley-tist skorz = latest scores
  • loe-kuhl tey-kuh-wey = local takeaway

Also these are relevant to my language/translation project I’ve been working on (see previous post here) pretty much sums up my thoughts to be honest, I have myself created similar made up phonetical pronunciation of words, however I was using my Welsh influence.

I realise now that just simple words displayed as such have a big impact and might have worked as a suitable outcome, but of course here they are advertising something whereas mine would be more about just opening people’s eyes and making them aware. So rather than advertising like google’s do would simple words be enough though? What exactly would I be trying to say to the viewer with them…?

I can’t believe these google ads have come out just now, is such a coincidence, I tried searching to learn more about them but only come across other poeple who have seen them and snapped them and uploaded them to twitter/flickr… see here, here and here.

Google Voice Search

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