No ink

Came up with these options for an ink and printer free outcome for my ‘What if…’ beauty of from outcome, I was going to back to basics with the simple forms, I wanted the outcome to follow suite.
I can either:
1. cut out the shapes directly out of the paper (ends up flimsy on such paper – would need to be more substansial card, plastic, wood etc)
2. raise the shape with a block (I like the idea you can feel the edges and trace the shape rather than just look at a flat surface)
3. emboss/deboss slightly (least modification of the origial paper but still an effective result)
4. use something like gold leaf (ideally exectued properly as is done with illuminated lettering I think it could look good, a lot of fiddly work though
I’m leaning towards the embossing, subtle and delicate but still visible and it gives the shapes importance and presence due to the unusual process, still need to see how I can emboss quickly and efficently at uni, I’ll have a few to do and some compliacted shapes and compositions…
No ink

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