Light as the medium

For my Self Initiated 1: the light book, it has been suggested multiple times that I use light as the medium somehow in the piece to add more depth and to connect the parts together more coherently. Since ‘Light‘ was the word I chose to work with it makes to use it, the only question is how..

The first thing and most obvious is to use like fluorescent tubing often used in neon signs, or another one was using light to write in the air and photographing it to capture shapes or words – (reminded me of these quick fun things I did with my sister when we were helping my parents clean out the attic when they were moving):

Very effective actually, they’re rather lovely and nice idea but to me they don’t relate to the book in the slightest.

I think the best thing is to include a source of light as part of the book – it could be as a light you use to help you see&read the pages (a little metaphorical perhaps?! of course without light we wouldn’t be able to see anything let alone read etc!!); or maybe it’s more hidden, maybe the pages glow from being lit from behind, enlightening? (I light that word) but it needs some sort of purpose though otherwise it’s just extra hassle and effort for no great effect.

Think I’ll hide the light in the covers of the book so when you open the covers it light up; and with the cut out in the pages where the current word light is seen will just be ‘lit up‘, no word, just ‘light’… sound good? Very literal? Too literal? A nice touch? I think so, hopefully! Simple but effective, enough to add more but nothing too structurally different, I don’t want it to be an installation, in my mind it still need to be a ‘book‘.

Light as the medium

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