Individual Tutorials

Today I had my individual tutorial with Sheena. I was worried due to my lack of physical work to show but Sheena had a lot to suggest research wise which I had requested and we talked a lot about that, I was very keen to further explore different thinkers/writters/artist on the theme of language but wasn’t sure where to start so now I’m to begin with these…

  • George Steiner – After Babel, Aspects of Language and Translation (European-born American literary critic, essayist, philosopher, novelist, translator…)
  • Lawrence Weiner and Sam Winston – for visual reference
  • Joseph Kosuth
  • Walter Benjamin – The Task of the Translator, Doctrine of the Similar (Essay)
  • Gottlob Frege – Meanibng and the world
  • Giorgio Agamben – The Coming Community
  • Maurice Blanchot – The Infinate Conversation
  • James Joyce – Finnegans Wake

I presented my current self initiated project progress about the connection between the visual, written and spoken langauge and was also keen to discuss my previous projects from last term to see how I could finish them off for the portfolio.

  1. On the whole it was suggested I needed to stop over thinking and actually create more thus learning, exploring and progressing through doing.
  2. Keep things simple, don’t over complicate unnecessarily, stick to one idea and execute it well, don’t combine too many thought into one otherwise they will all be lost. Be clear to myself what it is I want to achieve to begin with and then do it quickly and effectively.
Individual Tutorials

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