Today we had another group tutorial crit session today with our personal tutors.

Here’s the feedback I got:

  1. Interestingly (which I’d noticed but not taken on board) is how the handwritten one is actually more easily read than the hand typed one – for some reason, maybe it’s due to the fact it’s a childs handwriting so we are more forgiving whereas with digital type it all just looks so wrong.
  2. There was talk about how and why words evolve and become shortened or altered, e.g. text language for economic reasons, speed, efficiency, but is it really easier or more complex?? I always get confused with lol, is it ‘laugh out loud’ or ‘lots of love’ ?! and when parents use text language its somehow a taboo.
  3. One thing I hadn’t thought to do was play the ‘Wenglish’ through the computer, with text edit it will read out to you what is written, can’t believe I didn’t think of it as it was a really interesting idea. But I want to know how it does it because some words it got pretty spot on and others it had to spell out since it couldn’t attempt to say them. Even with the English version read out it didn’t get it all correct.
  4. consider the two together: how you see and how you hear English; text and spoken language
  5. record different people saying the passage, how do they compare, can I visualise their responses into ‘concrete poetry‘ typographic pieces representing patterns of speech, e.g. where would the emphasis be, where are the pauses, the repetitions, the stumblings etc. It would show prominence of letters, pace and volume all in one – HOW DO I VISUALISE IT??

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