First Experiments

I tried various ways of displaying the text, these are only very quick rough experiments to give me an idea of what works and what doesn’t what I can and can’t do, etc (please ignore the finer details, I struggled no end with the program to make them!!)

Firstly I thought to have to text scrolling across the screen right to left:

Secondly by scrolling up the screen:

Appearing letter by letter, or by parts of the letter even, trying to get it as smooth as possible:

Or lastly word by word/syllable in a word (this actually exported incorrectly so the written and spoken doesn’t match up as it should! I’ll work on it…) :

Interesting to see how different they are, and the effects they have. if i’m to use stop frame I need to take advantage of the wonders that it can offer which the first two doesn’t that would almost be better filmed live, the beauty of stop frame is that things can appear and disappear as if my magic, quite child like so it’s appropriate but I need to play with it much more!

First Experiments

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