I’ve been considering stop frame animation as a suitable medium. My strength aren’t really in the moving image but I have successfully done a couple before and it’s a good way to get fun and playful time based pieces. There are limitations to it, although firstly I’m not even really sure of all the possibilities, it works well in real life situations with real objects, moving them one millimetre at a time, time consuming but the effects are great.

Below is a video by Steven Johnson, using a stop-frame-animation moving image piece to summarise and promoting his book, Where Good Ideas Come From:

MEDIUM: White board and marker pens – works particularly well since you can erase and re-draw easily allowing smooth and interesting transformation. It has a complementary explanatory voice-over.

There’s a lot of this kinetic typography sort of animations and they actually make me feel ill, they’re all the same and I think they’re awful so if mine looks like them then I will have failed. Amusingly just spotted this link on someone’s facebook, it sums up exactly what I think and just said.. it made me feel sick, both physically and strangely mentally, I really didn’t enjoy it, don’t know who would, I don’t see the point, the necessity, the connection, bad bad bad, I hope that mine has more relevance and is nothing like this!

I need to play around with just words on paper/mark-making, it needs to be simple but not too primitive, would that work well? I’m rather confused about the style it should take, I’m thinking hand-done/handwritten and not digital text, finding the balance between the ‘child-speak’ and an adult audience will be tricky, it needs to be fresh…


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