2nd Translation

I got my sister to translate it a second time more literally for me, I wanted to be able compare two corresponding words from each languages together, partly for my own interest to see how much (if anything) I could remember or recognize…

Although actually for my project it would be more about how they sound and not what they look like since it was the Welsh set of sounds and their corresponding visual representation that I was using to fill the English sounds in English words.

I should look at the Welsh alphabet since that is where it stems from:

A, B, C, CH, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, NG, H, I, L, LL, M, N, O, P, PH, R, RH, S, T, TH, U, W, Y.

So there’s a few additional sounds/letters, called DIGRAPHs (a pair of characters used to write one phenome or distinct sounds) like:

ch, dd, ff, ng, ph, rh and th

and is missing from the English alphabet (although they are used sometime when words stemmed – borrowed/copied – from English are used):

j, k, q, v, x and z.

2nd Translation

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