I can no longer (sadly) speak Welsh so I got my mum and sister to translate the English version into Welsh for me:

They said it was surprisingly tricky because the original wasn’t in so called usual ‘adult script’, there was a difficult balance between doing a literal translation that didn’t make any sense in Welsh either or tidying it up to make sense.

Even these two translations vary, interestingly my sister tried to make more sense of it and added in punctuation which wasn’t there in the original, and things like ‘mums and dads’ which I thought would be the same came out differently as ‘mamau o tadau’ and ‘mam o dad’ in each respectively.

This brings us into a whole new world or ‘translation’ there are people who have had this for their topic and it is an interesting topic, one full of unknowns and new possibilities but too large for me to try and explore now I think. It would help if you did bilingual but also now I’m not so it would be even harder to investigate, I’ll leave it to the experts


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