Interim Crit Feedback

Today was the interim crit with Sheena for our second self initiated project. Some interesting projects, I love to see and hear about what everyone is doing, and there was a great general discussion about graphic design – what is it, what is it’s purpose, what can it do etc, throughout as well, which was a change, everyone was very involved and I felt very informed after wards, so much had been mentioned and talked about, I learnt a lot in a short space of time!

As regards my work I was worried about my intention but I had a lots of thoughts to share and different bits and pieces to show, various experiments and paths to follow but I didn’t even get to present it all in the end, one think stood out and we were stuck talking about that…


Everyone loved the story I wrote as a child (above), it definitely was as interesting to others as it was to me which is great! Main point is that I should stick more closely too it, really use it and understand it, get right to the bottom of it.
  1. What was interesting was its CONSISTENCY – I’d created my own language, which had its own specific LOGIC and SYSTEM – using letters from Welsh to fill in the spaces in the English words that had that same sort of sound that I was familiar with.
  2. It LOOKS Welsh visually but it SOUNDS English when read.
  3. It looks INACCESSIBLE at first, like a totally different language, it certainly doesn’t look like English but once you start trying to read it out loud it begins to sounds like English and makes sense, you need to work out or UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM and then it’s easy to follow.
  4. There are many interlinked interesting relationships formed between the WRITTEN, the VISUAL and the SPOKEN… TRANSLATION was mentioned, not as in a literal sense but between the three and between the two/three languages all at the same time – I should look more closely at these relationships.
  5. Play around with LAYERS and try to combine these elements together, jump from one to another, investigate it thoroughly, consider PALIMPSESTS as a good example, or the idea of VOICE-OVERS and SUBTITLES on visuals.How can I play around with these to emphasis what I’ve discovered and explain it all in one go…
  6. I was worried about what it would be saying with it all in the end, what is my point and just the fact that it REMINDS us about LANGUAGE and all that it stands for seems to be OK. It makes us stop and think for a change, we don’t skim read or digest information mindlessly, we really have to CONSIDER what we are seeing, reading and understanding.
  7. We talked about the idea of MISTAKES and ERRORS and words NOT LOOKING RIGHT. And sometimes you see the words, or the letters, or the meaning; sometimes one and not the other, sometimes nothing it all, when you repeat a word constantly eventually it seems to loose meaning, it DOESN’T MAKE SENSE any more, it’s just random marks, shapes and forms.
  8. AUTHENTICITY. Also what’s great is that it informs us but in a NON-TEACHERLY way, remember it was a 9 year old writing this, not some great renound thinker! It doesn’t TELL us, it SHOWS and DEMONSTRATES. The HANDWRITING itself was considered an important part, when typed out and printed it completely changed the feeling of it, can this be used as well in the piece?
  9. I felt that if I tried to reproduce or copy this then it definitely wouldn’t have the same impact. It was very naive view on language, a literal connection between what something sounds like and what that same word is written like. It’s a very UNHARBOURED, UNEDUCATED, UNINFORMED point of view yet it is strangely PROFOUND and very POIGNANT at the same time and you definitely can’t recreate that.
Interim Crit Feedback

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