Miniature Street Art

My sister sent me a link today (from the Guardian online – The Observer, Art & Design pages) to images of some miniature ‘street art’:

Fantastic Voyage, Slinkachu, 2011

Instant love of course, but it’s hard to work out why this sort of work has such an impact, it’s not the first time I’ve seen work like this but it has a ring to it that really resonates, simple but effective, playful but meaningful. The usually unnoticed or unseen, finding inspiration in that which already exists around us to create something new.

Slinkachu is showcasing new and past work at the Andipa Gallery, London SW3, from 3 March.

Another artist who does similar work is Isaac Cordal:

Follow the Leader, Isaac Cordal, 2010

More poignant work with real in depth and thought provoking intentions, tackling tricky real life situations and emotions.

Miniature Street Art

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