My Inspiration

I came across this scrap of paper (among a huge folder/boxes/pile of many) as I was going through all my old stuff from my parents house (they were moving and had to finally clean out the attic…) There was a selection of paintings, sketches, doodles, scribblings, letters, scrapbook, etc, a fascinating selection, actually now looking back I wish I’d kept more but I managed to save the most important ones.

Below is a story I wrote when I was about 9, read it, see how you go and what you think…

On Myndai ai went to balei, Isabel Eeles, 1997

Any comments?? People normally find it interesting, there’s a lot there to discuss and it makes quite a statement without realising I think. I was born in Wales, was schooled in Welsh but spoke English at home (my dad couldn’t speak Welsh, he was English), I’d no need to write English until we moved across the Severn when I was 7 and things promptly changed!

Here are some amusing ‘translations’ from the text:

Myndai = Monday

ai = I

balei = ballet

haf = have

wyth = with

cymyn = coming

rwm = room

mydl = middle

weit = wait

teic = take

weic yp = wake up

yli = early

monyn = morning

sgwl = school

howm = home

nais = nice

awyr = our

Below is a English spelling test from when I was also 9, I’d moved to England when I was seven and had never written English before, I had no idea how these words I knew how to say were meant to be spelt… it was a steep learning curve! For example here I got only 11/27:

Spelling Test, Isabel Eeles, 1997

Fascinating, almost mind boggling to me now, like it’s done by a different person. I love the ones where there were many trials and error, e.g. rech, rych, rich!

I’m fascinated by how I used to think and see language – as a very literal spoken to written system – using the phonetical aspects of the Welsh language that I knew to write in English.

It is generally readable, with the story if you read it out loud it does make sense since it is written how it sounds but it’s just not ‘correct‘. I think there is a project in there somewhere, it is def a interesting topic that I want to try and explore in the coming weeks…

My Inspiration

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