Mid-assessment formative feedback

Got feedback on our mid-term presentations today and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.
To be honest none of my 4 projects were fully finished but I was pleased with my topics, the intentions and where they were heading but was afraid of the professional standard that is expected to be achieved in the end as I was a way off still. They didn’t seem to mind…

General comments and advice on how to improve work in future:

“Interesting subject matter in ‘What if..’ project tackling problematic but vital philosophical questions. This evidences a willingness to go beyond expectations and outside her comfort zone. Reflective and articulate student beginning to flourish through her relationship between thinking and making. Can tend to be rather over critical of her work which appears to create barriers to further development. Pleased to see growing confidence. Blog shows in-depth thinking, could contain more visual documentation. Incredibly dedicated and committed student, with a level of thinking that approached MA level. Pay more attention to design detailing in the execution of your projects outcomes and continue to push your working methods and the mediums in which you engage. Consider embracing more image-making.”

Mid-assessment formative feedback

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