Helvetica Documentary

Finally got round to watching it, (bit behind everyone else as always, came out in 2007) but it was actually really interesting, not quite sure where I stand or which side of the fence I am on about the font! Someone said “it’s like going to McDonalds inseatd of thinking about food, becasue it’s there” doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time. I can understand that but if something works so well, (Helvetica and not McDonalds) why not use it, as long as it’s right for the purpose…

Another favourite quote, a life of a typographer/graphic designer is a “life of fight against the disease of ugliness” – Massimo Vignelli

It also chucked up a lot of names of designers I plan to explore later, I’m definitely not aware of enough current (or old for that matter) designers and I should be more knowledgeable about my profession as a whole.

A recommended watch to anyone interested in typography or graphic design of any sort or as a sort of introduction to anyone who hasn’t got a clue, it is informative, you might learn something

Helvetica Documentary

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